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Comprehensive, competent advice provided at the right time is indispensible for
every complex project.
This holds true as regards finding the best legal approach, the avoidance of losses due to difficulties with the authorities or the prevention of lengthy, wasteful disputes.
Private property purchases (including financing), marriage contracts and wills – to mention just a few important private legal transactions – should not be concluded or put in writing without professional advice. This is of course even more important for more complex transactions.

Different aspects for the success of an enterprise

In today’s economy, the success of an enterprise is not least consequent upon
its legal foundations:
the bylaws and where necessary the shareholder agreements must clearly assign rights, duties and authorities to ensure optimum capacity to act;
the title or licensing rights to tangible and intangible goods must be precisely defined and legally safeguarded;
for sales and other trade agreements, the best possible structure in line with commercial standards is required to create the greatest possible degree of security under the relevant national legal system or, in the case of transnational relations, in the area of overlap between different legal systems; the possibilities of making concrete, rapid claims before courts must be considered in this context, with alternative forms of security if necessary;
no building projects should be commenced without a through examination of the urban planning regulations and the local planning instruments;
the exact conditions for participation in public bidding procedures must first be clarified;
Investment projects must be examined in regard to the conditions for their authorisation and the environmental and legal situation, as well as the regional, national and European funding possibilities, with fully optimised financing, etc.

In short, it can indeed be said that – contrary to popular opinion – perhaps the most important task of the modern lawyer is, via comprehensive advice and structuring (where necessary in co-operation with other professionals) to avoid legal disputes and to a certain extent step down from the traditional role of counsel in court proceedings.

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