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Slc-Studi Legali Collegati stands for close transnational co-operation with partner firms
in Italy and Germany.
Linking the cities of Munich, Bozen and Milan, Dr. Wolf Grill and his colleagues, the Brandstätter law firm, Madeleine Lupi and her colleagues, together with Dr. Leonardo Di Brina, Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Ca' Foscari in Venice, have all decided on a programme of intensive co-operation and mutual support.
This ensures that clients receive professional, transnational legal advice in the respective jurisdictions.


Dr. Wolf Grill, Rechtsanwälte
D- 80333 München, Residenzstraße 10.
Tel: +49 089 212 189-0
Fax: +49 089 212 189-50
Avv. Madeleine Lupi
I - 20123 Milano
Galleria Unione, 3
Tel: +39 02 720 027 65
Fax: +39 02 720 216 99
Prof. Avv. Leonardo Di Brina
I- 20123 Milano
Galleria Unione, 3
Tel: +39 02 720 027 65
Fax: +39 02 720 216 99

Consulegis EWIV is an international network of independent law firms representing over 1,500 lawyers in 37 countries and 166 cities.
This network ensures that clients of individual member firms will be professionally advised and their rights asserted throughout Europe, the Near East and further afield.

Member firms offer each other reciprocal legal assistance, taking on each others’ clients and providing office infrastructure. The Consulegis partnership can also provide vital contacts in the respective countries and jurisdictions.

Find out more about Consulegis-EWIV at:

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